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Thomas Doyle’s Apocalyptic Dioramas

Using ordinary materials found around the house, New York based artist Thomas Doyle creates dioramas that feature tiny hand-painted figures surrounded by domesticity and destruction. In the solo exhibition “Surface to Air,” houses hover safely above their ruined and burnt foundations while soldiers huddle below. A family goes about its business inside a home that has been cleaved in two. A subterranean house juts from the earth, as a family trudges through an ash-strewn landscape above. Reflective of the apprehension endemic to our times, Doyle’s works also communicate a timeless longing for the stability of home, hearth, and family.

“Surface to Air” will also debut Doyle’s new Foregone series, consisting of photographic portraits of the child figures that feature prominently in his sculptural work. Measuring just a few millimeters high, each figure is hand painted and then photographed in an enlarged format, revealing detail unseen by the naked eye. Coated in a patina of microscopic debris, the figures reveal the limitations and random nature of painting while evoking the tenderness and anxieties of childhood.

Surface to Air runs through December 17, 2011 at LeBasse Projects in Culver City.

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Amazing Street Art at Sarasota Chalk Festival

The Sarasota Chalk Festival brings in artists from around the world to display their art on the streets of Sarasota, Florida. The festival, which took place between November 1 to 7, 2011, is the only international event celebrating 16th century Italian street painting.

The festival attracted 200,000 visitors to see more than a hundred artists from all over the world transform Burns Square in downtown Sarasota into an outdoor museum gallery in motion using chalk as their medium and the pavement as their canvas. This year’s lineup includes innovator of 3D pavement art Kurt Wenner from Washington, Melanie Stimmell Van Latam from California, Michael Kirby from Maryland, Leon Keer from Netherlands, Eduardo Relero from Spain, Vera Bugatti from Italy and Tomoteru Saito from Japan.

Here are some amazing creations from the festival.

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I heart eco street art..

Graffiti art crimes are an inherent part of the urban jungle, each piece teetering on the wall of appreciation. Lately a form of street art is emerging that tips the scales towards applause and accolades.
Enter, ‘eco-street art.’
In a general sense, it is art that uses nature as a template, painting with various natural elements or adding extra awareness to the overlooked nature within the city. As this genre of art proliferates, I hope it will shine a spotlight on environmental issues and change the way we view our surroundings- possibly tightening our relationship with the natural world. Or at the very least, ignite a sense of wonder as we pass through our busy day.

Think outside the box. – An art project by Sean Martindale.
I love this piece of eco-art, it’s a great metaphor for our environment. ‘We can make things better, let the green ideas flow.’

‘Cheerleader’ By- Sandrine Estrade Boulet

An eco street art project created for the social networking movement, ‘Green Drinks’ and hosted by the ‘Eco Store’ in New Zealand.

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