Bruce Munro’s Light Installation at Holburne Museum

Bruce Munro is a British lighting designer and installation artist best known for large scale lighting installations such as Field of Light, which was first exhibited at the V&A Museum in 2004. Right now he is working on another Field of Light installation at the Holburne Museum, in Bath, England.

At the Holburne, Munro’s piece will consist of over 5000 acrylic stems topped by frosted spheres, threaded with fibre optic cable and lit by 5x metal halide projectors on colour wheels. Munro’s new Field of Light will open to the public on Saturday November 26th and remain in place until 8th January 2012. During late December, Munro will unveil another, newly designed installation called Star Turn, for a one-day charity event at the Holburne Museum.

The Holburne Museum re-opened earlier this year after ambitious renovations, boasting a glorious new extension by Eric Parry. It has fast gained a reputation, along with the Hepworth in Wakefield and the Turner Contemporary in Margate, as one of a number of outstanding regional museums in the UK.

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Photos: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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