Using CSS3 Transforms

Posted: November 23, 2011 in CSS
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How to use CSS3  transforms

There are two categories of transform – 2D transforms and 3D transforms. As of May 2010, 3D transforms only work in Safari (both desktop and mobile). 2D transforms are more widely supported.

2D examples

#skew {
#scale {
#rotate {
#translate {
	transform:translate(10px, 20px);
#rotate-skew-scale-translate {
	transform:skew(30deg) scale(1.1,1.1) rotate(40deg) translate(10px, 20px);

3D Examples

3D transforms are similar to 2D transforms. The basic properties are translate3d, scale3d, rotateX, rotateY and rotateZ. Translate3d and scale3d take three arguments for x,y and z, whereas the rotates just take an angle. Here are some examples:

#transDemo4 div {
	transition:all 2s ease-in-out;
	perspective: 800;
	perspective-origin: 50% 100px;
#transDemo4:hover #rotateX {
#transDemo4:hover #rotateY {
#transDemo4:hover #rotateZ {

For more information read both the Webkit blog entry from when this was first implemented, and David Desandro’s awesome examples.


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